5V/12V/24V Battery packs for Spectrometers and Light Sources

Battery packs to power the instruments in the field.


If you have a need for portability with our spectrometers or light sources, Avantes offers a range of battery packs to power our instruments in the field.

5+12V battery pack
Th 5+12V battery pack was specifically designed for the AvaSpec-NIR series cooled spectrometers and the AvaSpec-TEC spectrometers that require a 5V-2A power supply for cooling. It has 5 NiMH batteries, with 13Ah capacity, enabling 6 hours of flawless operation.

12V battery pack
The 12V battery pack can be used with all our AvaSpec USB2-based spectrometers and most of our small form factor AvaLight illumination sources. It consists of 10 powerful NiMH batteries with a capa-city of 1500mAh and allows you to use the spectrometers for up to eight hours without charging. It is suitable for all AvaSpec spectrometers and most small form factor light sources such as AvaLight-LED, AvaLight-XE, AvaLight-DHc and AvaLight-CAL.

24V battery pack
The 24V battery pack is designed to be used with the AvaLight-HAL. It consists of 20 NiMH batteries and a capacity of 3200 mAh. This provides enough for 2.5 hours of continuous operation.

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