Ultrafast Fiber Optic Spectrometer


The AvaSpec-128 is blazingly fast, supporting integration times as short as 60 µs. The affordable price and range from 360-1100 nm make it an ideal instrument for inline process control measurements.

The AvaSpec-128 has a USB2-port to connect to your computer and transfers data at 1.1 ms per scan. Data sampling is done at a rate of 8000 scans per second. It comes complete with AvaSoft-basic software, an extensive manual and USB-cable. It’s also available in dual-channel or multi-channel configurations (up to 10, built into a 19”rackmount), where all spectra are stored simultaneously. The resolution (FWHM) capability is between 1.7 and 64 nm, depending on slit and grating configurations.

For the fiber-optic entrance connector you can choose between SMA (default) and FC/PC. Furthermore you can select from a wide range of gratings, slit sizes, and second- order sorting filters. Other options are a detector collection lens for enhanced sensitivity and a switch to select between USB or external power

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