Replaceable-Slit Spectrometer (Slit Kit)


To fully utilize your AvaSpec-RS series spectrometer with replaceable slit, the Slit Kit is available. It features a complete set with four slits, of 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500 μm. Also included in the kit are the tools to easily change the slit in the spectrometer.

The Slit Kit is available in SMA (choice of 4 SMA slits), SMA/FCPC (combination of 2 SMA and 2 PCPC slits) and FC/PC (choice of 4 FCPC and/or SMA slits) versions. All slit kits can be used on any spectrometer with the replaceable slit option installed.

Slitsizes 5 and 10 um cannot be included in the kit, but can be ordered as a separate item (recalibration of spectrometer recommended).

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