AvaSpec-ULS2048 StarLine

Versatile Fiber-optic Spectrometer


It’s the workhorse of our spectrometer line-up, the AvaSpec-ULS2048. Used in many applications in the UV/VIS-range, it is particularly useful in time-critical situations thanks to its exceptional response speed. Priced affordably, the AvaSpec-ULS2048 is the choice of many of our most demanding customers.

Options include deep-UV detector coating for better performance in the deep-UV-range, a detector collection lens to enhance sensitivity in the 200-1100 nm range and order-sorting filters to reduce 2nd order effects. Furthermore, the AvaSpec-ULS2048 is available with a wide range of slit sizes, gratings and fiber-optic entrance connectors.
The AvaSpec-ULS2048 is also available in dual or multi-channel versions (up to 10 spectrometers in a 19” rack), where all spectra are taken simultaneously.

Connection with your PC is done via USB2-connection, delivering a scan every 1.8 milliseconds. Integration time can be as short as 1.1 milliseconds up to a maximum of 10 minutes. It comes complete with AvaSoft-Basic software, USB cable and an extensive manual, including a quick start guide in four languages.

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