USB3.0 communication and Gigabit Ethernet integration in your company network.


We are taking the next step to EVOlutionary spectroscopy! The first instrument in our new EVO series: the AvaSpec-ULS2048L-EVO. Using the new electronics board AS7010 this spectrometer has all the advantages of the current AvaSpec-ULS2048L-USB2 but offers USB3.0 communication as well, which means 10x higher speed compared to USB2. Unique is the second communication port which offers Gigabit Ethernet for integration in your company network and possibility for long distance communication at an affordable price.

Besides the high speed communication options, the EVO also offers a fast microprocessor and 50x more memory which can help you to store more spectra onboard and realise more functionality.

This unique, first to the market combination enables you to create high speed multichannel systems, perfectly suited for most industrial applications.

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