High-resolution Spectrometer


When you’re looking for high-resolution, then take a look at the AvaSpec-ULS3648. Featuring an electronic shutter, it can support integration times as short as 10 microseconds, making it also ideal for CW laser measurements.

Options include order-sorting filters to prevent 2nd order effects, deep-UV detector coating for better sensitivity in the deep-UV-range, and a detector collection lens to enhance overall sensitivity. Also, a wide range of slit sizes, gratings and fiber-optic entrance connectors are available.

Configurations with two to ten channel spectrometers are available. These give you the possibility of multiple simultaneous readouts or higher optical resolution in which several spectrometers are arrayed with each covering a short range with high-resolution.

The connection to your computer is done through USB2 at 480 Mbps. This translates into 3.7 ms per scan data transfer speed. Of course it’s supplied with AvaSoft-Basic, USB cable and an extensive manual, including a quick start guide in four languages.

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