A broadband spectrometer in one package for the complete UV/VIS/NIR area 200-1700 nm.


Avantes introduces this versatile broadband spectrometer, suited for various measurements in the complete UV/VIS/NIR area. This all comes in one package, no seperate units necessary. This dual spectrometer is suited for 200-1700 nm.

This solution for versatile needs is an ideal companion in areas of Bioscience, Medical Diagnoses, Semiconductor & Solar Industry, Food & Agriculture, Geology & Mineralogy, Pharmaceutical Industry, Environmental Science, Forensic analysis, and many more.

The first channel is based on a AvaSpec-ULS2048L. The second channel is based on Avaspec-NIR256-1.7 (uncooled version). Both with replaceable slit option. Available configurations are similar to the options of both spectrometer models mentioned. Detailed info please check these datasheets.

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