OEM spectrometers: AS5216 Microprocessor board

The  board provides both flexibility and ease of integration and can be used in combination with the different  detectors

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The AS-5216 microprocessor board provides both flexibility and ease of integration. It features high-speed USB 2.0 communication and can be used in combination with the following detectors:
• Sony ILX554B and ILX511B
• TAOS 1401
• Toshiba 1304
• Hamamatsu S11155/S7031 and G92xx series with/without TEC
• Sensors Unlimited 256 and 512
The board is equipped with an HD26 digital I/O connector with 13 programmable I/O port (3 digital in, 10 digital out), 2 analog out ports and 2 analog in ports. One digital out port is generally used to control the flash rate of an AvaLight-XE pulsed Xenon light source, another digital out it used to control external TTL-shutter devices and a third is reserved for external control for flashing a laser source in LIBS applications. A digital in may be used for external hardware triggering.
A maximum of 127 AS-5216s can be coupled and synchronized through the USB 2.0 interface. This means easy and simultaneous sampling of 2-127 channels. The AS-5216 board can be synchronized with other AS-5216 boards to control the simultaneous data-sampling of multiple channels, all connected to USB2.0 high-speed interface.
On-board signal processing allows data reduction to speed up scan transfer time. Data reduction can be achieved by defining a start and stop pixel and On-Board Averaging.

This board is compatible with the extensive AS-5216-DLL software development kit, enabling full control over the spectrometer in customer-designed software.

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