OEM spectrometers: AvaBench NIR Optical Benches

For OEM applications in the NIR

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For OEM applications in the NIR, Avantes offers our line of AvaBench NIR optical benches. The AvaBench-50 optical bench has undergone a redesign and is more compact and has higher throughput. It is available in the 1000-1750 nm range for uncooled detectors. The AvaBench-50TEC is developed for NIR range from 1000-2500 nm with thermo-electric cooling. The AvaBench-50TEC supports three different TE-cooled detectors with 256 pixels and two TE-cooled detectors with 512 pixels. All AvaBench NIR optical benches have symmetrical Czerny-Turner designs with a fiber-optic entrance connector (Standard SMA, others possible), collimating and a newly designed special toroid focussing mirror and diffraction grating. A choice of different NIR gratings can be selected with the products.

Wavelength ranges, resolution tables, detector specifications and AvaBench options can be found in the instrument page corresponding to each spectrometer type. In the table below the key specifications of the NIR optical benches are listed.

The NIR AvaBenches are fully compatible with Avantes electronics boards or may be interfaced to customer specific electronics. The NIR optical benches have a separate video output through a mini-coax cable. The TEC NIR benches have a heatsink and additional electrical connections for both temperature sensor and power for the 2-stage Peltier cooling.

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