For  situations  where to consecutive sample and reference measurements in a controlled environment


The AvaAbsorb system was designed for those situations in which you would like to do consecutive sample and reference measurements in a controlled environment. This setup is normally referred to as dual beam spectroscopy. No fiber cables are used and drifting of the light source is automatically corrected in AvaSoft. It has two cuvette holders in the front, which can be covered to prevent any interference of light. The selection between the two paths is easily done through AvaSoft or the front side switch. The path length is variable up to 60 mm, making low concentration measurements possible.

Inside, the AvaAbsorb features the AvaSpec-ULS2048L spectrometer, combined with an AvaLight-HAL series Halogen light source. This means easy measurements in the visible and near infrared range for the AvaLight-HAL. The spectrometer features extra high detector pixels, giving better signal-to-noise ratio and long term stability.