AvaLight-CAL-(Mini) Spectral Calibration Source

AvaLight-CAL-xxx is a spectral calibration lamp,  available in a variety of wavelength ranges (UV to NIR)


The AvaLight-CAL-xxx is a spectral calibration lamp. It’s available in Mercury-Argon (253.6-922.5 nm), Neon (337-1084.5 nm), Argon (696.5-1704 nm) Zinc (202.5-636.2 nm) and Cadmium (214.4-643.8 nm) versions. The major lines including their relative intensity and structures are shown below.

The standard SMA-905 connector supplies an easy connection between the lamp and optical fibers, making the AvaLight-CAL-xxx a low cost wavelength calibration system for any fiber-optic spectrometer. AvaSoft-Full spectroscopy software includes an automatic recalibration procedure.

The AvaLight-CAL-Mini, AvaLight-CAL-AR-Mini, AvaLight-CAL-Neon-Mini all come in the Mini-housing. They are equipped with a connector at the rear enabling to switch the unit on/off remotely with a TTL signal.
The AvaLight-CAL can also be delivered in rack-mountable version, to be integrated in Avantes 19” Rack-mount or the 9.5” desktop housing. The PS-12V/1.0A power supply should be ordered separately.

• Calibration light source
• Low cost
• Available in a variety of wavelength ranges (UV to NIR)

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