AvaLight-DH-S-BAL Balanced Power

A powerful deuterium halogen source with a very dominant alpha peak at 656 nm


The AvaLight-DH-S is a powerful deuterium halogen source, but like any unbalanced deuterium halogen source it does have a very dominant alpha peak at 656 nm. This is why Avantes developed the DH-S-BAL, in which this peak is drastically reduced by a dichroic filter. This means less power, but an increase in the dynamic range of a factor 20. A comparison spectrum as taken with a standard AvaSpec-2048 is shown on Avantes’ pages.

The light source delivers a continuous spectrum with high efficiency. The highest stability is in the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared range, from 200 to 2500 nm. An integrated TTL-shutter and filter holder for filters of up to 50x50x5.0 mm are included. The TTL-shutter can be controlled from any AvaSpec spectrometer, which means the auto-save dark-option in AvaSoft software can be used (please note: IC-DB26-2 cable needed).

Connection to the fiber is done through an SMA-905 connector, which features an adjustable focusing lens assembly. This ensures you getting the maximum possible power into your fiber. For all deuterium light sources solarization resistant fibers (-SR) are recommended (see the fiber-optic section of this catalog). The output of the AvaLight-DH-S-BAL is optimized for fibers or bundles up to 1500 µm.

• Balanced light source
• Wide spectrum: 200-2500 nm
• Integrated TTL shutter
• High efficiency
• Increased dynamic range

The filter holder can be easily replaced by a direct-attach cuvette holder CUV-DA-DHS (see section accessories) useful for fluorescence or absorbance measurements.

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