A compact halogen light source from visible light to near infrared


From visible light to near infrared, that’s where the AvaLight-HAL-(S)-Mini works best. It’s a compact, stabilized halogen light source, with adjustable focusing of the fiber connection, maximizing output power at the desired wavelength. The light source also has adjustable output power to provide extra power or longer bulb life.

A filter-slot mounted on the front of the AvaLight-HAL-Mini accepts 1” round or 2” x 2” square filters, to block specific ranges of wavelengths or instantly lower the intensity.

The adjustable focus on the AvaLight-HAL-Mini helps you getting the most out of your light source: it makes sure all possible power is transmitted through your optical fiber. Bulb replacement is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Optionally a combined direct-attach cuvette holder and attenuator is available(CUV-ATT-DA-HAL). for attenuation one can use the Inline Filter Holder (FH-INL) or the Inline attenuator (ATT-INL).

The optical output can be controlled through a dongle at the rear or from your computer. At low setting the lamp has a color temperature of 2700K but provides over 13000 hours of lifetime. The standard or medium setting changes the color temperature to 2850K and provides 50% more power with a bulb lifetime of 4000 hours. The high power setting gives a color temperature of 3000K, doubles power compared to the long-life setting and gives you up to 1000 hours of lifetime.

The AvaLight-HAL-S-Mini features an internal TTL-shutter, controllable from your AvaSpec spectrometer. This gives you the ability to use the auto-save dark option in AvaSoft spectroscopy software.

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