AvaSoft – Basic Software

Instrument control and data collection, free of charge soft ware


To facilitate the use of our AvaSpec series spectrometers, we provide our AvaSoft-Basic, free of charge. It features user-friendly controls, pull down menus and is mouse oriented. Mouse clicks control movements of a data cursor for instantaneous readout of wavelength, pixel and Y-axis magnitude. The multi-window and multi-monitor interface enables side by side comparison of measurements. Use mouse dragging for easy and fast zoom-in/out on both X and Y axes. An unlimited number of AvaSpec series spectrometers can be connected to the computer, either through USB or, by using the AvaGigE, through the network.

In the main window, controls for on-line/off-line spectral analysis are available. Software icons facilitate easy saving of reference, dark and experiment spectra. Additionally, changing the measurement units to absorbance, transmittance, irradiance or raw scope data can be done with one click of the mouse. Rescaling the Y-axis, setting the scale for X- and Y-axis and peak/valley searching are also available.

Instrument control and data collection parameters are user-definable, such as detector integration time, auto-dark correction, signal averaging and spectral smoothing. Saved graphics can be exported to ASCII and be exported into Excel and other data processing software.

Other options are a 3D display functionality and the option to save a graph directly as a PDF-file. File management features flexible file filters. The latest version of AvaSoft-Basic can be downloaded from the Avantes website. Please contact us for upgrading to AvaSoft-Full or –All.

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