Cuvette Sample Holders

For absorption and fluorescence measurements  with standard 10×10 mm cuvettes


The CUV-UV/VIS, CUV-FL-UV/VIS and CUV-ALL/UV/VIS are especially designed for absorption and fluorescence measurements and should be used with standard 10×10 mm cuvettes. For non-standard cuvettes, adjustable ball-detents ensure repeatable placement and measurements at the same location. All cuvette holders have a 5 mm wide slit to hold filters and a cover to prevent ambient light from entering the light path.

The CUV-UV/VIS features two COL-UV/VIS collimating lenses with adjustable focus to maximize light throughput.
The CUV-FL-UV/VIS has the same specifications, but the collimating lenses are placed under an angle of 90 degrees for fluorescence measurements (to isolate excitation from emission wavelengths). The other two ports on the CUV-FL-UV/VIS have SiO2 coated aluminum mirrors (CUV-FL-MIRROR) to enhance the excitation and fluorescence signals.

The CUV-ALL-UV/VIS features four collimating lenses, all COL-UV/VIS, in two optical paths.
For UV measurement Avantes offers quartz cuvettes. The CUV-10-2 has two optical windows for absorption measurements. The CUV-10-4 features four optical windows, ideal for fluorescence with the CUV-FL-UV/VIS or dual path measurements with the CUV-ALL-UV/VIS.

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