Direct Attached Cuvette Holder with Attenuator & Filter Holder

Available in two versions for different light sources


Have the most flexible setup with the combined cuvette holder, attenuator and filter holder. You can control the light throughput from 0-100%, which can be fixed with a set screw. Use the cuvette holder for any cuvette up to 10×10 mm and add half inch diameter (12-13 mm) filters of 1-8 mm thick.
The combined direct-attached accessory is available in two versions: the CUV-ATT-DA is used with the AvaLight-DHc (Deuterium and Halogen), AvaLight-XE (Xenon) and AvaLight-LED. The CUV-ATT-DA-HAL-Mini is meant for the AvaLight-HAL-Mini (Halogen) light source.

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