Fiber Optic Multiplexer

The device is available as 1 input to 16 outputs, 2 inputs to 8 outputs or 4 inputs to 4 outputs


To configure systems which enable a single light source and spectrometer to make multi-point serial measurements, Avantes offers the FOM fiber-optic multiplexer. The device is available in three different configurations: 1 input to 16 outputs, 2 inputs to 8 outputs or 4 inputs to 4 outputs. The FOM consists of a precisely controlled stepper motor and a rotary block. The optical path is coupled through multiple COL-UV/VIS collimating lenses.

The fiber-optic multiplexer is controlled via a USB-connection to a PC. The FOM software enables full control over the switching order, switching time and delay time and operates as a stand-alone unit. To integrate the FOM with AvaSpec spectro-meters and your own devices the FOM-DLL software development kit is available and should be ordered separately.

Applications for the FOM include process control, where multiple locations need to be measured with multiple probes, all with one spectrometer and/or light source.

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