In-Line Fiber Optic Attenuator

To  reduce light intensity to avoid detector saturation


For all UV-VIS-NIR applications and ATT-INL-EXT setups where light intensity has to be reduced, Avantes offers the inline fiber-optic attenuator (ATT-INL-EXT) and the direct attached fiber-optic attenuator (ATTDA). This device is an iris attenuator which controls light throughput to avoid detector saturation. The ATT-INL-EXT is coupled between two SMA terminated fiber-optic cables, whereas the ATT-DA can be connected directly to the light source. Both devices consist of two UV/VIS/NIR collimating lenses mounted on either side of an adjustable iris. The attenuation can be set from 0-100% and can be fixed with a set screw.

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