Multi-furcated Fiber-optic Cables

For multi-point measurements and Avantes multi-channel spectrometers


Simultaneous multi-point measurements and Avantes multi-channel spectrometers, require multi-furcated fiber-optic cables. These assemblies can function as a combiner or splitter of light as they have multiple legs on side which converge into a single connector on the opposite side. Avantes offers virtually any combination possible, which can be adapted to your requirements.
Typical setups that require multi-furcated cables are:
• One sampling point such as an integrating sphere, cosine corrector or collimating lens being measured from several spectrometers (individual AvaSpecs or Multi-channel).
• Multiple illumination fibers splitting out from one light source to different sampling points.
All types of connectors, jacketings and fiber sizes are available for these multi-furcated fiber cables. Contact us to configure and quote you on your specific needs.

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