Reflection Probe (Standard)

To obtain spectral information of diffuse, or specular materials


To obtain spectral information of diffuse, or specular materials, reflection probes are used. The light from a light source is sent through six illumination fibers to the sample and the reflection is measured by a 7th fiber in the center of the reflection probe tip. The 7th fiber is coupled to a spectrometer configured to the appropriate wavelength range of interest. More illumination fibers can be added to get more energy from the light source and therefore increase the reflection signal level.

For measurements under an angle of 90°, the FCR-90-Option was developed. It’s a special adapter with a mirror positioned at 45° and can be easily mounted on the tip of Avantes standard reflection probes.

The FCR-COL is an adjustable UV/VIS/NIR collimating and focusing lens which enables focusing the measurement spot at an extended distance.

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