Reflection Probes with Reference

To correct fluctuations and drift from your light source


In order to correct fluctuations and drift from your light source, periodic referencing is required. To facilitate this, Avantes offers this series of reflection probes with a self-referencing feature. The light coming from the light source is bundled into 12 fibers, which are split into two 6 fiber bundles. One of these bundles is carried to the probe end for sample measurement and the other bundle of 6 are directed to a white reflection tile built into the probe to provide a light source reference. This reference leg is connected to a slave spectrometer channel dedicated to light source referencing or may be routed to a single channel via a fiber-optic (contact a Sales Engineer about this special configuration). On the measurement side the probe end has a 7th fiber which reflects light back to the master spectrometer channel.

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