Specline Analytical Software

An extensive database to easily identify and analyze atoms, ions and molecules


To easily identify and analyze atoms, ions and molecules, Specline© analytical software offers an extensive database. It enables analysis of spectral data, imported directly from AvaSoft spectroscopy software along with other standard formats.

This unique database for atoms and molecules makes line identification fast and easy. To support you in analyzing and comparing the spectra, many evaluation functions are available including:
• Search algorithms for automatic peak finding in the spectra
• Identification of atoms, molecules and their ions using the included extensive database
• Data evaluation and smoothing, integral, scaling, peak value, calibration, arithmetic of spectra (+,-,*,/)
• Comparison of data: several spectra can be overlaid and compared, even when they have different file formats
• Search the periodic table for atoms and ions, wavelength and intensity range
• Data export to ASCII, binary and Excel (CSV) formats, graphical export to BMP, WMF and WPG formats

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